About Us

We provide services that prioritize Community Building to keep people connected, engaged, and growing. We focus on Wellness, Inclusion, and Leadership through our LIVE interactive platform, company workshops, and events.

We hire the best talent who are aligned with our mission to deliver high quality and rewarding experiences that positively challenge participants and have them feeling inspired, energized, and part of a community.

Our Founder's Story

Liem's story begins in childhood as an introvert who was susceptible to illness and found comfort in her favorite pastimes of reading and drawing.

In adulthood, she would forego options for company reimbursed business school and corporate gym memberships in favor of paying out of pocket expenses for yoga and art classes. She would go on to complete coursework outside of work in the areas of nutrition, exercise, psychology, and wellness. Rarely talked about, she is a cancer survivor who has undergone chemotherapy, radiation, and multiple surgeries.

Coming from an immigrant family, Liem started working as soon as she was able. She worked throughout her teenage years and took out student loans to pay for college. She worked extensively in sales, marketing, and analytics for Fortune 500 and startups before taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Liem had reached a turning point in her career where she wanted to pursue what she terms as her work-life purpose and Little Lion was launched.

The company's focus on community building and fostering consequential connection, engagement, and growth embodies Liem's passionate endeavors. Liem believes in learning from a multitude of varying experiences. 


In 2020, Little Lion was in the top 50 Startups to Watch by Builtin Chicago. The company was named by a best friend, partner and advisor. Liem's` initials are LL and she is only 5 feet tall. Cheers to the small and mighty in all of us!