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Lessons from the Mentee

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Thank you for stopping by.  What started as an impromptu mentoring session for two rising stars has blossomed into an impactful network and thriving community of many roaring individuals that mutually support each other.    It was only a matter of time before I knew that there were collective learnings that can be shared with more expansive profundity.  This blog is a progression of this momentous journey. 

One member suggested the name Little Lion Pride and we all fondly embraced it.  

We often hear from the leader or mentor and I wanted to illuminate sagacity from a different vantage point.  Over the coming months and more, you’ll be hearing stories from the mentee's perspective in hopes that others can also benefit. 


Being both a mentor and mentee is a true treasure that I joyfully cherish and meticulously devote time to since setting out on this path to fulfill my work-life purpose of investing in others with scalable social impact.  As a lifelong learner, two of my most valuable lessons are continuously demonstrating actions of genuine appreciation and paying it forward.  


Please join us and share.  


Warmly and with gratitude,



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