Liem Le speaking at Women in Technology
Now more than ever, we need to prioritize wellness & community.
As leaders, it is important that we invest in our people and that we create opportunities & access
The New Normal for Working in the Age of Covid Women in Technology International July 23, 2020

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Liem invited to give a talk on Unconscious Bias. Date TBD due to restricted travel with Covid

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Liem Le of Little Lion Cultivating Wellness & Resilinece Building Chicago Executives Club
Cultivating Wellness & Resilience Building Workshop  at The Executives Club of Chicago
Liem speaks on the Words Matter Cultural Inclusion Panel. See FULL Video
Liem Le speaking Power of Networking is Giving
Liem speaks on the Power of Networking. See Video Excerpt

Liem joined by amazing companies & speakers on building inclusion in Newport Beach

Liem is Chair & speaks on Business Case for Purpose, Inclusion, Community

Liem speaks on entrepreneurship panel with Kellogg Women's Business Association

Liem facilitates discussion on Gender Bias at Women in Tech Festival UK

Liem sharing her Little Lion Founder Story at the WiSTEM Showcase

Women's Business Development Center features Liem & her advice on leadership

Liem speaks to the students of the Entrepreneurial Institute at  CSUDH

Liem speaks on Social Innovation as Next Frontier at Wonder Women Tech

Liem speaks on innovative leadership with  Chicago Booth Women's Network  

Liem featured in WeWork Women's Day International Day Video

Liem awarded Best of Best Leaders Award by Network of Executive Women Chicago

Liem joined by spectacular companies & speakers on building inclusion in LA

Liem moderates Ethics in Business & Science with Theranos Whistleblower Erika Cheung

Liem joined by esteemed panel on building Inclusion and Community

Liem addresses global audience on Impact Investing in Women, Minorities, NextGen

Liem speaks on Purpose, Inclusion, Community at Converge TAG

Liem speaks as a Game Changer at the Women in Retail Leadership Summit