Growth Platform

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Rethink engagement, mentorship, and social responsibility

Leverage advanced technologies to enable collaboration and marketplace among a community of corporate partners, small-to-medium businesses, and other partners

Small to Medium Businesses

Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) use our platform to get access to mentorship, community, funding, metrics, and other expertise

Corporations and Other Partners

Corporate partners and others use our platform to expand their social impact and customer base, while also driving employee engagement through volunteer mentorship and keeping a pulse on innovation

Structured Growth Curriculum

Our proprietary framework, based on extensive research analyzing primary factors for success, solves the most common growth problems with dedicated expertise

Mentorship &

Our platform enables a marketplace and community of peers, coaches, mentors, partners, to efficiently follow a structured mentorship process and collaborate via advanced integrated technologies

Return on Good

Users of the platform track growth and return on investment via critical success metrics that move the bottom line impact needle


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