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  • WED 7p CT Sculpt + Cardio 45min

  • Sculpt + Cardio is a combination of exercises that focus on sculpting muscles through strength and toning exercises using two different sets of weights as well as weaving in high and low intensity cardio-based exercises such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squats and crunches. Recommended props: Mat, towel, water, and hand weights. One light set of hand weights and one heavy set of hand weights between 2lb-15lb.


  • MON 545p PT All levels Vinyasa Flow 75min 

  • MON 715p PT Stretch & Release 60min

  • TUE 9a PT Rise & Flow 60min

  • TUE 5p PT Beginning Asthanga 60 min

  • TUE 630p PT Stretch & Release 60 min

  • Beginning Ashtanga is an introduction to the traditional primary series. The poses are done in the same order every time. This practice focuses on breath and alignment. This is a great class for beginners with basic knowledge of yoga, or those who know the full primary series are welcome also. Modifications will be given so that everyone can work at their pace. Recommended props: block or 2 and a yoga strap of some sort.


  • Restore & Release this is a yin yoga class slow-paced that focuses on reducing Stress and Anxiety helping to improve circulation and flexibility. Through breath and Asana you will calm and balance both mind and body. This class is designed to help you release and open the chakras. The asanas will be held for 3 to 5 minutes and will intertwine with breath and sound. All levels are welcome.  Recommended to  have props available: bolsters, pillows, blocks, straps and blankets.


  • All levels Vinyasa Flow.  By definition the word Vinyasa means a smooth transition between one Asana to another. In this class you will learn how to connect the Asanas one to another in a smooth seamless transition. Each week the flows will change to continue to challenge the body and teach you different ways to connect to different asanas from one to another. Modifications will be given along with variations for those who are a little more advanced.  Recommended props: 2 blocks and a strap.


  • TUE Sep 14 at 4p CT

  • Fun Doodle Bots. Draw and paint  super fun doodle bots! Learn about line, shape, color families, and watercolor techniques. This class is aimed at elementary aged kids, roughly ages five to ten, and their grownup helpers. Materials: heavyweight paper, a paintbrush, watercolor paints, a cup of clean water, and crayons (black color)


  • WED 6p PT Vinyasa Flow

  • WED 7p PT Gentle Yoga & Mindfulness

  • THU 530p PT Vinyasa Flow

  • THU 645p PT Gentle Yoga & Mindfulness

  • SUN 9a PT Beginning Yoga

  • All Levels Vinyasa Flow. This class is designed to fit all individuals from beginners to advanced practitioners. Modifications will be given for all levels. Students will hold Asanas (poses) for 1-5 breathes and transition from pose to pose. Each class is designed to either focus on a specific muscle group or target a peak pose. Recommended props include two blocks, yoga strap, and blanket or pillow for those that have knee problems.

  • Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness. This class takes you through a series of gentle poses at the end of the day to stretch the body in order to relax the mind, body, and soul. Students will be given cues to connect the breath with the movement and pose. Students will be mindful by listening to their body and clearing their minds as they focus on the breath. Recommended props include two blocks, yoga strap, and bolster or pillows.

  • Beginning Yoga. This class introduces students to breath work and foundational poses in yoga. The class will flow through a series of different poses ranging from seated, standing, twists, balance poses, etc. All students are welcome to take this class. The class will focus heavily on proper alignment and students will be taught different modifications in order to prevent injuries. Recommended props include two blocks, yoga strap, pillows, and blanket.

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