New Study Shows Troubling Disconnect Between HR and Employees

Tomorrow, I'll be leading a panel on the "Human Elements" working in the Age of Covid. It's a term I asked to be included to focus attention on prioritizing people in the workplace and what we can/need to do.

We'll be covering many areas as well as addressing what I believe is required going forward - impactful investment from senior leadership in the areas of:

  • virtual community building

  • diversity & inclusion

  • wellness

  • professional development along the lines of EQ and how to meaningfully connect to bridge disconnects between people.

As I work in this space, an article was sent my way that points to a troubling disconnect between HR and employees. Without having more details behind the study such as answers to the questions below, I can't make an assessment of the points made to support the headline.

  • Was it done over a period of time or a singular point in time?

  • When was it done?

  • How representative & distributed was the sample?

I recognize interpretation of data especially related to how one feels and other factors are more nuanced and complex. Broadly speaking, I do think everyone has to actively contribute to bridging any disconnects whether individual contributor, executive, HR function or other.

Let's work towards bridging those divides and supporting one another. It's much needed.

Link to article: New Study Shows Troubling Disconnect Between HR and Employees