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    "Thank you Liem for the inspiring and engaging workshop you led at Heineken USA Women's Leadership Forum!

    Your message resonated and your exercises not only got us thinking about ourselves but how we can bring our best selves to everything we do.  It was impressive that you were able to get us up and moving and thinking! I highly recommend anyone looking to motivate and engage your employees to reach out to Liem for a powerful session!” 

    - Julie Kinch, Chief Legal Officer and Founder of Heineken USA Women’s Leadership Forum


    Liem's focus on work-life purpose and addressing social impact at scale has taken her to the global stage to present as a thought leader, game changer, purposeful leader, and keynote speaker.  See events for where she's been invited to speak.


    Our services range from 1 hour to a few hours to full day to longer term solutions

    • Social Impact Discussion Series

    Our social impact discussion series covers important topics of global significance through thoughtful, consequential, interactive, and positive conversation in the workplace, school, and other organizational settings.

    • Inspirational Leadership and Team Series

    Our interactive series covers topics that drive successful transformational leadership, purpose-led culture, and high-performing teams:  

    Defining your Work-Life Purpose • Silencing Doubt • Elevating your Work • Negotiating & Influencing • Unconscious Bias • Conscientious  Leadership • Effective Sharing & Listening • The Power of Giving • Problem Solving • Unleashing Inner Creativity • ask about other topics

    • Emerging Leaders

    Our interactive workshops guide participants through the practical process of effectively managing up or down and other actions that thoughtfully foster a supportive culture for empowered leadership, enable all employees to reach full potential, and achieve mutually desired outcomes​​


    • Working Parent Work-Life Quality 

    Led by Ph.D. experts, we help participants understand cognitive, physical, social and other aspects of child development that optimizes child-caregiver relationships, helps the child reach full potential, and minimizes stress leading to improvements in work-life performance and quality

    • Caregiver of Aging Parents Work-Life Quality

    Led by Ph.D experts, we help participants who care for an aging parent cope with the emotional and physical toll, learn preventative measures to slow cognitive decline, and other strategies to support the well-being of aging parent and caregiver, including caregiver's work-life quality

    • Technology Basics for the Non-Technical 

    We help participants understand general terminology to adapt to an ever-changing workplace led by advancements in technology.  We break it down to basics whether it's knowing when to hire a data engineer vs a data scientist, the latest emerging trends in AI, or other technical challenge

    • Additional workshops to be posted soon