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In the age of of Covid-19, Virtual Community Building is a priority.

Our programs are focused on inclusion, connectedness, engagement, problem solving, and well-being to meet business performance and development goals.

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"Thank you Liem for the inspiring and engaging workshop you led at Heineken USA Women's Leadership Forum!  Your message resonated and your exercises not only got us thinking about ourselves but how we can bring our best selves to everything we do. It was impressive that you were able to get us up and moving and thinking! I highly recommend anyone looking to motivate and engage your employees to reach out to Liem for a powerful session!” 

- Julie Kinch, Chief Legal Officer and Founder of Heineken USA Women’s Leadership Forum


Liem's focus on people, culture, and community has taken her to the global stage to present as a thought leader, game changer, purposeful leader, and keynote speaker. See where she's been invited to speak.


In-person or Virtual

Our services range from 1 hour to a few hours to full day to longer term solutions

  • Emotional Intelligence, Inclusion, Culture, & Leadership Series

This EQ & Consequential Leadership series focuses on leadership skills and initiatives of social significance such as diversity & inclusion, culture, and purpose. The interactive series provides an outlet for productive conversation and advances skills such as critical thinking, self-awareness, social relations, and empathy to yield high performance and transformational impact.

  • Confidence Building, Mindfulness, Art, & Yoga Series

This Confidence building & Introspective Sustenance series provides an engaging outlet for growth, inspiration, connectivity, and creativity through a variety of interactive exercises to build confidence, resilience, mental and physical well-being that translates into increased business performance.

  • Innovation Sprints

Apply our Innovation Sprint process to innovate rapidly, positively disrupt norms, and solve business problems. We help participants discover unseen opportunities, unlock hidden business value, and design new strategies that positively impact the bottom line.


  • Parent Work-Life Quality 

Stress at work is often due to carryover from home life and for many that is related to being a parent. Led by PhD experts, we help participants understand the cognitive, physical, social and other aspects of child development that optimizes child-caregiver relationships, helps the child reach full potential, and reduces stress leading to improvements in work-life quality and performance.


  • Technology Basics for the Non-Technical

Technology advancements contribute to an ever-changing workplace that can cause stress relating to future employment. We help participants understand general terminology in order to better adapt to these changes and break it down to basics whether it's knowing when to hire a data analyst vs. engineer vs. scientist, the latest emerging trends in AI, or other technical challenge.​

  • External Community Building Experiences

Our external community building and learning experiences provide productive outlets to connect with others and also address social issues affecting our communities. We optimize for networking, deeper connections, interactive consequential dialogue, and actionable takeaways. Please contact us if you would like to join as an event partner.

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