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Liem's focus on people, culture, and community has taken her to the global stage as a thought leader, game changer, purposeful leader, and keynote speaker

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Customized Wellness Classes

Our wellness classes can be customized to meet your specific needs. Choose from nutrition, art, yoga, family activity, and more. Go to Classes under the Individuals tab for the full list.

Emotional Intelligence, Inclusion, Culture Building

This Consequential Dialogue Series addresses initiatives such as diversity & inclusion, purpose, wellness, and managing through crisis while developing leadership skills such as self-awareness, critical thinking, social relations, and empathy to yield transformational impact

Confidence, Mindfulness, & Wellness

This Confidence Building & Introspective Sustenance series provides for growth, inspiration, and creativity through a variety of interactive exercises to build resilience, mental and physical well-being that translates into higher performance

Improv for Team Building

Is your team in need of creativity, laughter, and inspiration? Welcome to Improv Comedy! Use Improv to break down mind blocks like the guys from "Whose Line Is It Anyways?". Learn our special techniques to stay innovative and get more done at work.

People Innovation

Apply our process to innovate rapidly, disrupt norms, and solve problems. We help participants discover unseen opportunities, unlock hidden business value, and design new strategies that positively impact bottom line performance results

Media and Content Training

Your public image and words, said or written, matter. Led by our award-winning journalist, you'll learn messaging with positive impact. Participants will also recognize common blunders, prepare for unforeseen questions, and handle crisis communication

Parent Work-Life Quality

Work stress is often due to carryover from also being a parent. Led by PhD experts, we help participants understand cognitive, physical, social and other aspects of child development that optimizes caregiver relationships to improve work-life quality

Technology Basics for the Non-Technical

Technology advancements contribute to an ever-changing environment that can cause employment stress. We help participants with general terminology and break it down to basics whether it's knowing when to hire a data analyst vs. engineer vs. scientist, emerging trends, or other technical challenge